If you are interested, send your CV to employment@hotelrambla.com. Put CV and your name in the subject.

We are looking for multipurpose staff to manage the day-to-day of a 15-room hotel.

You must live less than 15 minutes from the Hotel Rambla Contactless (Rambla Méndez Núñez street)

Have immediate availability

Move well on a computer (type at least 50 words per minute and know how to use keyboard shortcuts). Feel comfortable with technology in general, as we are a highly technological hotel, with smart locks, Japanese toilets, etc. Knowledge of formulas in Excel is valued.

Be decisive, helpful, efficient and capable of learning quickly and independently. You must be willing to work, be dynamic, flexible, responsible and with attention to detail. We need you to be effective from the first moment, without long training. We are looking for people who will take a step there.

Have flexible hours, also on weekends and afternoons / nights and have no problem with versatility.

A high level of English is necessary. French and German are also valued.

Mental arithmetic, analytical capacity and experience are also valued, especially for the tasks of mapping rooms in channel manager and those of Revenue management.

Experience in social media management, content creation and website design, creativity and ability to make pamphlets / explanations on canvas or other similar programs are also valued.

And it is valued that you are handyman and that you can learn, for example: assembling and disassembling electric locks. Knowledge of the Wifi network, telephone network, camera network, of Gateway for locks, connection with NAS, UPS, print and server is valued.

And finally, the knowledge in maintenance of the property for the day to day is valued, such as electricity, plumbing, putty, opening showers, etc.